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Learn Locust

20 Lessons
02h 17m

Are you a Python aficionado? Learn Locust now to performance test your application or services. Locust is a powerful open-source Python library for performance testing being used by Google, Mozilla, AWS, and more top tech companies.

No user interface, only code. You can easily get started with the distributed load testing in a few seconds.

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20 Lessons · 02h 17m

19. S2E9 Learn Locust Series - Locust in Docker

04m 56s

This video helps you to run #Locust in #Docker. docker run -p 8089:8089 -v $PWD:/mnt/locust –d locustio/locust -f /mnt/locust/ docker run -v $PWD:/mnt/locust locustio/locust -f /mnt/locust/ --html /mnt/locust/myrun1.html --headless --only-summary -r 1 -u 1 -t 10s

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What You Will Learn

  • Getting Started with Locust
  • Deep-dive into various classes
  • Command Line Options
  • Response validation
  • Data Parameterization
  • Data Extraction
  • Events and EventHook
  • Locust in Docker
  • Distributed Load Testing


  • Performance testing basics
  • Python basics